Here is one of many non-profit grants you'll have access to when we work together.

The Google Ad Grant Program

Do I Qualify for the $10,000 per month?

Whether or not you qualify, contact us. We can help you to qualify and begin receiving your  first grant in as little as 7 days. Here are the basic requirements.


Your company must have non-profit status as a 501(C)3 Organization.


business or organization website with substantial information. You/Your organization must also own the website.


You must have little to no commercial activity on your website and limited advertisements displayed.


Your organization cannot be any of these entities: Government, Education Institute (.edu), Medical Facility/Hospital.

How It Works

Their are a few things that must be done for you to have a successful grant campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are questions we often get about getting grants.

What is a grant?

Grants are funds that are provided to you that you don't have to pay back. Their are also in-kind grants that have a specific dollar amount. Instead of receiving the money itself, you'll receive the product or service that has the value instead.

Can you really get my organization a grant with Google?

Yes! We help you get a grant with tech giant, Google. We help in this process through the Google Ad Grant program.

Can we get grants with more companies besides Google?

Yes! We work with numerous companies. Whether they are private or public companies, we can help you get grants with them as well.

Where can I learn more about the Google Ad Grant?

You can contact us directly or visit the Google grant website at
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Emily Cornish Founder

We've had them create several apps for our startup and each time they were a pleasure to deal with! Good, reliable, trustworthy company.

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Gary Vayne Founder

Great company to work with, never knew it was that easy to make an app. Helped my business tremendously!

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Carl Smith Founder

Good company, they make app creation very accessible to anyone. It has helped my business a lot.

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Haley Martin Co-Founder

Awesome software, very easy to use and understand!

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Dan Frank Founder

I called this mobile app company about developing an android app. They mentioned signing a non disclosure form before telling them my idea. I gotta say, that made me happy. At lease I know what to ask for when talking to other companies about my ideas now. Thanks guys!

Monthly Recurring Grant

Get between $2,000 and $100,000 per month

$ 1,000 Per Recurring Grant
  • Pre-Qualification
  • Account Set-Up Assistance
  • Private Grants
  • Public Grants
  • Monthly Recurring Grants

Grants That Pay You Monthly

You will receive grants from private or public companies that will pay you every single month. The minimum you will receive from each company is $2,000 per month, up to $40,000 per month. All we need from you is a flat fee of $1,000 per month.

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