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Launch, Build, and Scale your mobile app with My Master App in Dallas, TX

Launch, Build, and Scale Your Mobile App Business

  • We solidify a framework to show how your app may generate 6 to 7 figures a year,

  • Build a strategy to transition you from mobile app idea to profitable Mobile App Business 

  • Give you the "step-by-step" to guarantee your success,

  • Design and Develop your mobile application (and corresponding website),

  • Launch your M.V.P. (Minimum Viable Product) to reach your first 1,000 True Fans,

  • and build you a turn-key, customer acquisition machine to scale you to the moon.

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Kind words from people like you

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We've had them create several apps for our startup and each time they were a pleasure to deal with! Good, reliable, trustworthy company.

My Master App 5 Star Google Review

Emily Cornish

Google Review

Good company to deal with, we are very satisfied with the app they made for us.

My Master App 5 Star Google Review

Hillary Cornish

Google Review

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What We Do With You

(Our process from Step 1 to Step 6).

Step 1

Mobile App Framework

When you have a new idea come to you, there is no structure to the business as it's not yet a business. We advise you on a framework for your new idea to bring it to life.

Step-1 is preparing your Mobile App Framework with My Master App
Step 2 is develop your Mobile App Strategy with My Master App

Step 2

Mobile App Strategy

The overall framework is used to build your strategy which is the overarching guide that you will follow to launch your app and turn potential prospects into raving fans of your business.

Step 3

Mobile App Tactics

We use the strategy of your new business to piece together the step-by-step instructions that will guarantee your success, and the success of your new business.

Step 3 is piecing your Mobile App Tactics, your step-by-step instructions to success with My Master App

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I called this mobile app company about developing an android app. They mentioned signing a non disclosure form before telling them my idea. I gotta say, that made me happy. At least I know what to ask for when talking to other companies about my ideas now. Thanks guys!

My Master App 5 Star Google Review

Dan Frank

Google Review

Good company, they make app creation very accessible to anyone. It has helped my business a lot.

My Master App 5 Star Google Review

Carl Smith

Google Review

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What We Do With You

(Continued - only three more steps to go).

Step 4

Mobile App Design

We begin to make the wire-frame for your mobile app. Afterwards, we add all that makes it beautiful and user friendly. Finally, we construct a prototype from the assets (including images, video, and audio) to solidify the User Experience before taking it to development.

Step 5 is Mobile App Development via My Master App

Step 5

Mobile App Development

We begin to work on the front and backend of your mobile app. Whether for AndroidOS, iOS, Samsung, or Amazon, we'll hardcode it to perfection. If you have a website you'd like to turn into an app, then we'll most likely start there).

Step 6

Mobile App Customer Acquisition

User Acquisition (UA) is not the same as Customer Acquisition. Our focus is setting you up with a customer acquisition system that brings you paying customers on autopilot - day in and day out.

In Step 6, My Master App helps you get customers via New Customer Acquisition Systems

More kind words from people like you

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Awesome software, very easy to use and understand!

My Master App 5 Star Google Review

Haley Martin

Google Review

Great company to work with, never knew it was that easy to make an app. Helped my business tremendously!

My Master App 5 Star Google Review

Gary Vayne

Google Review

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