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What We Do For Non-Profits Like You

Even If Your Organization Is New

Free Mobile App Set Up: Android & iOS

Your Non-Profit organization is brought into the new age of receiving contributions by getting set up with a free mobile app on Android & iOS.

Non-Profit Performance Marketing

You get Non-Profit Marketing & Advertising for your mobile app up-front, and we get paid when we bring you more contributions.

Grants For Non-Profit Organizations

You get access to public and private company grants. After you are approved, you will have access to grants worth up to $600,000+

Our Non-Profit Services

We get you more donations and teach you how to get public and private grants.

We Set Up Your Mobile Apps For Free

My Master App is a mobile app company and high tech firm dedicated to the future of humanity. We design, develop, market, and advertise mobile apps for non-profit organizations like yours.

Our team provides your organization with an Android and iOS Mobile app to better connect with your donors and contributors and have greater access to the world for greater impact.

Performance Marketing for Your Organization

You need contributions to keep your organization going. Whether we develop your mobile app or you already have one developed, we will market your app to get you more app downloads.
We will create a clear strategy for you to turn these new subscribers into excited patrons of your non-profit organization.

Grants For Your Non-Profit Organization

Many companies, governments, and education institutions do not approve start up organizations for grants.
With this in mind, we have partnered with companies and have created grants that any non-profit can apply for whether they are established or in the start up phase.
Between our partners and our grants, you can apply for up to $600,000 per year. 

Do I Qualify?

See Qualifications Below

A Domain/Website

You must have a professional business or organization website with substantial information.
You/Your organization must also own the website.

Non-Profit Status

Your company must have non-profit status whether it is a 501(C)3 or a 501(C)6 Trade Organization.


You must have little to no commercial activity on your website and limited advertisements displayed.


Your organization cannot be any of these entities:
Government, Education Institute (.edu), Medical Facility/Hospital.

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